Concert for voice and synthesised music

This group of artists presents the history of the path of water, a personal reflection on the extraordinary beauty and force of this element in the form of music, image, voice and body.

Rodrigo García

C’est comme ça et me faites pas chier

“A more intimate work than Versus (2009), this performance-like new piece deals with the limits of speech in expressing reality.” − Paris Autumn Festival 2010

Lamaison/Coraline Lamaison

Narcisses 0
Narcisses 1, Ex/tase

Coraline′s research on the theme of narcissism is resulted in three steps:
Narcisses 0, a solo performed by Kate Strong;
Narcisses 1, Ex/stase, a solo performed by Annabelle Chambon and 2 wolves, and
Narcisses 2.

At the Exodos Festival we will have the pleasure and opportunity to stage two parts in one evening.

Voetvolk/Lisbeth Gruwez

Birth of Prey

“Gruwez undergoes a metamorphosis. She sets out on the floor in a tight square beam of light. Through wisps of fog you are only able to observe her back, made visible through the low cut-out of her black jumpsuit. Her torso moves like a swimming pool with a wave generator, waves pounding even more violently. She seems possessed by an inner enemy. Then she bursts open. She tears herself apart, letting out a wheeze or a growl now and then. Bestially and brutish…”− Daniëlle Deregt, De Standaard, 24-11-08

Abattoir Fermé


Tourniquet offers a hypnotic experience and is one of the best plays of the year. The actors don’t utter a word, but it is the viewer who is left behind speechless at the end.” − De Standaard

Linda Molenaar

Horse 2

Linda will made his performans unannounced at some of festival venues

“I create what I want to see; I create my own reality.” – L. M.

Troubleyn/Jan Fabre

Prometheus Landscape II

“There are brilliant, if repetitive, visual effects from fire extinguishers and sand; the performers show unflinching commitment and occasionally (…) make you feel their characters as both mythological and personal creations.” − Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times, 21-1-11

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni/Virgilio Sieni


Osso (Bone) is a work about similarity, identity and transmission, dimensions that are investigated through a gestural dialogue between father and son. The three-part structure is composed of exact sequences of delicate actions in spaces chosen and crossed in their existances as sedimentation of inexpressible lives.

Fanny & Alexander/Luigi de Angelis


“If the wizard is a wizard you will see...”

Forced Entertainment/Tim Etchells

The Thrill of It All

“Confounding conventions and exploding audience expectations.” − The Times